Free Hosting Advantages and Disadvantages

If you have created a website the most important step next is to find a hosting provider. But it is often difficult to decide which hosting company is worth your money. So why not give free hosting a chance?

Free web hosting is the best choice if you have a little up to a non-existent budget. This can be perfect when developing a personal website. This can be also a good alternative for the newbie webmaster who has simple website content and a tight budget. The free web hosting provider does not charge for the hosting services. However, when it comes to a large business, this is not advisable. There are several advantages and disadvantages to consider when opting for free web hosting.

The Advantages of Free Web Hosting

  • The major advantage of free web hosting for a newbie includes learning all the basic intricacies of starting a website and feeling more comfortable in the future when changing to the paid web hosting.
  • If you're launching a personal website, then this can be a great choice since the site is only for entertainment and information purposes. So there's no point in spending a lot of cash to purchase paid web hosting.
  • It can help you learn all the basic strategies on how to develop a website and what particular design to use to appear more attractive so that it can draw attention to the visitors. This can be true when launching a website for business purposes as well.
  • It can also be very helpful since it can help you update knowledge regarding other factors such as file management, file uploading, website maintenance and website monitoring. A website using free hosting is also very useful for those small groups who have shared similar interest. The groups can share information and can contact one another through the website with no amount of money spent out of pocket.
  • Free web hosting can be very useful for any non-profit organization. The organization can quickly use a website for information postings, updates, and communicating with people around who would like to take part in their various activities.
  • Free website hosting is normally user friendly. This is considered as a good option for newbies out there that are still continuing to learn about how to manage a site.
  • A true free web hosting company is what is says "truly free" and you never should have to spend any money other than what you pay for your domain. There should be no time restrictions or use restrictions. You are free to use it as long as you want.

The Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting

  • Free web hosting has only limited space amount that you can utilize. A free hosting account doesn't give much storage or perhaps bandwidth for businesses with a large amount of traffic.
  • There usually isn't enough space on the server provided for a huge website with lots of colorful graphics, videos, and lots of pages.
  • Free providers can make money through placing advertisements on free pages. In this way, you can expect that your pages will probably show various advertisements even though you did not place them. The worst thing is when there is a free hosting provider that uses pop ups that can aggravate visitors. The terms and conditions can sometimes require that you allow the online banners and ads to be put on the website. As most people say, this compensates the bills.
  • A free web site often includes an extra name or domain tag along with the domain name found in the address. In case you have a business, any potential client might think you're not successful to have a website domain that reverts directly to your business name.
  • Some free hosting allows you to use their own website design or template and you cannot upload other website products that are well known like Wordpress.
  • Almost all providers require you to put a small banner advertising their services on the web site so they can continue to expand their business. Most support is going to be email supported only. It is usually impossible to get phone support. The support features offered by free hosting services are limited.
  • Perl scripts and the CGI do not work also. Some of the php functions as well are blocked for free accounts. When your site uses these functions, they won't work.
  • Often, only one catch-all email is provided. You cannot get multiple accounts unless you utilize various techniques such as live domains or Google apps.

  • The end result is that paid hosting can be the best choice when you are looking for a business web hosting. But if you are a beginner, choose free web hosting. Your choice depends on your needs so be wise when choosing and make sure you are getting what you actually want instead of what you think you might need.