Free Hosting Comparison

Below is an easy side by side comparison of the free hosting plans that we offer. Hopefully this will make it easier for our visitors to select which plan is best for them. We did not include every option that each hosting plan offers simply because there are so many different variants with each plan that it would make it more confusing to chose which one is best. Also keep in mind that Plan C is more for people who are interested in E-commerce and is marketed in a way that would not be as attractive to someone looking at Plan A or Plan B and vice versa. As always, if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  Hosting A Hosting B Hosting C
Disk space quota (MB) 1500 MB 250 MB 40 MB
Data transfer allowance (MB) 100 GB 5 GB 500 MB
Advanced Control Panel No Yes No
Add-on Domains 5 1 1
Sub Domains 5 3 0
Automated Web Store Features No No Yes
MySQL Databases 2 1 0
Ad Free Website Yes Yes No
Email 5 1 No
Free Mobile Site No No Yes (With Ads)
Free Domain No No No
Phone or Live Chat Support No Yes No
Email Support Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Site Builder No (Basic Builder) Yes Yes
PHP support Yes Yes Yes
Auto Script Installer Yes Yes No

Are you feeling confused as to which option would work best for you? The easiest way to choose which free hosting plan will fit your needs is to first of all think about what you truly want. Most people glance at the disk space and data transfer stats of each option and make their decision on what is best by choosing the larger number. What is more important is finding out exactly what you need first and then deciding if the hosting plan matches your needs. For example, Plan A is a great platform for people who are knowledgeable about hosting but Plan B has a much better customer support for people who might need a little help getting their website up and running. Also hosting Plan B and Plan C offer Advanced Site Building tools which will definitely help you have a much better looking website than hosting platform A. Be sure to read over each and every stat provided to make sure that the choice you make will suite your needs the way you want it to.

Free Hosting Feature Terminology Explained

If you are unclear as to what some of the features are and how they work then please take a moment to read the following explanations below.

  • Disk Space Quota - This is the maximum amount of space provided to upload your website files and images. To make it simple, an average size website with 20 to 25 separate pages with images will take up about 22MB to 25mb of disk space. This is nothing in comparison with the 250MB or 1500MB provided by two of the free hosting providers listed above.
  • Data Transfer Allowance - This feature is quite important especially if you have plan on creating a site that gets heavier amounts of traffic. To make it extremely easy to understand, think of water going through a pipe. The larger the amount of water, the greater the need will be for a bigger pipe.
  • Add-on Domains - This is pretty much an easy one to guess. This is maximum amount off domains that you can host on your server.
  • Sub Domains - Sub domains are a feature that many website owners use to create subpages on their website. An example of such would be
  • Automated Web Store Features - This feature is for anyone wanting to create a web store to easily list and sell products online
  • MySQL Databases - MySQL databases are created in order to allow your website to store information such as comments, ratings, poll results or any other type of information that can be accessed by the user. Some free hosting companies provide this feature and some do not.
  • Ad Free Website - Hosting providers sometime require that they display advertising on your site in exchange for using their services for free.
  • Email - Another feature that is pretty much self explanatory.
  • Free Mobile Site - This is an additional feature that allows you to create a site that is optimized for viewing on a mobile phone.
  • Free Domain - Again this is one that is pretty much self explanatory. If you are already getting free hosting then you should at least pay for your domain.
  • Email Support - Believe it or not free hosting companies do offer email support in case a problem arises. Just keep in mind that it might not be the fastest in case your site has an issue.
  • Advanced Site Builder - A site builder in general is simply a program that allows you to build a website yourself through a point and click or drag and drop method. It is definitely a great feature to have.
  • PHP Support - PHP is very important if you plan on using a site that allows the customer to interact with the server in any way. PHP is often used to create polls, star rating systems and email sending scripts.
  • Auto Script Installer - Works along side with the server to allow its users to download various programs or scripts to enhance the functions of the website.