Free PHP Scripts

PHP scripts are the easiest way to create interactive capabilities on your website template such as contact forms, polls, shopping carts, guest books and many other abilities. Most PHP scripts require a basic understanding of HTML and/or MySQL in order to make them function properly.

The following PHP scripts below are free for download and we have tried to find ones with the best free support options in case you get into a mess. If you have any recommendations for other PHP scripts then please feel free to contact us. Enjoy!

PHP Junkyard

PHP JUNKYARD.COM is a good all around site for more popular PHP scripts such as message boards and hit counters. They don't have a huge selection of more complex scripts but what they do have is simple to use and most people like it. They also offer free support with any PHP script that is downloaded in case any unforeseen questions or problems arise. Check them out and see what you think.

HOTSCRIPTS.COM is the one of the top rated sources to find free PHP scripts. They pretty much every script you could imagine (over 14,000 and counting). What's even better is that each script has a user rating to let you know what works and what to avoid. also offers AJAX scripts, Java scripts, Ruby on Rails and a ton of others. Like all good script sites, free support is also included.

GENTLESOURCE.COM has an impressive selection of free PHP scripts as well. Their comment script and poll/voting scripts are quite popular and are very easy to install. The only down side of these guys is that they want you to pay for any scripts that you are going to use for commercial purposes but it is on an honor system. is a good site if you are looking for the most commonly used PHP scripts around and need free support to guide you along.