Free Web Templates

Once you have your hosting and domain, the next step in creating any site is to get web template. A web template is basically the skeletal structure or frame of any website and allows the creator to put together a good looking site without spending an enormous amount of time on the internal coding. By picking a quality template, you can have a website up and running in less than an hour with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

The following section below gives a great overview of the top free web templates on the Internet to give you the best selection available for creating the perfect website. Remember that most of these templates are customizable so if you do not see exactly what you want then you can download something close and go from there. Enjoy!

FREE WEB TEMPLATES.COM has over 3,400 free templates available for immediate download. There are no memberships of any kind required to get the perfect web template that you have always wanted. All of their templates are customizable and use the latest in CSS. Give them a try and see what you think.

OPEN SOURCE WEB DESIGN.ORG is a huge community of people sharing their web templates for others to use and enjoy. These guys offer over 2000 template designs that are very versatile for practically any business. Their selection is nice and the site layout makes it easy to find the right site.

SPYKA.NET has been around for quite a long time and is one of the leaders in providing clean looking and easy to use free web templates. Most of their templates have a very generic look which makes them great for about any type of web site that you need to create. Take a moment to check them out.